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With over six million people visiting in the UK each year, Racing is second only to football in popularity. 

Nearly half of these fall into the high-earning ABC1 demographic and a good split of genders, with around 30% being female

Racing attracts a broad range of ages with some 42% of racegoers being between 35-54, 29% aged 55 or over and the remaining 29% aged between 16-34.

Of the top eight UK sporting attendances in Britain, FOUR are supplied by racing, with only Wimbledon, over a 13 day period, pulling in more than the Cheltenham Festival, which attracted a crowd of some 225,000!

After football, Racing is the second most televised sport on UK television, accounting for 7% of total sports coverage. 

A massive 9.5 million watched the 2005 John Smith’s Grand National on the BBC last year.

Horseracing has become a important factor of many major companies’ marketing campaigns, with global brands such as Vodafone and John Smith’s taking prominent positions within the racing market.  Bigger races, such as The Derby, The John Smith’s Grand National and The Cheltenham Gold Cup are televised to global audiences of tens of millions.

Racing also represents an attractive proposition to many smaller, local businesses, giving them the opportunity to promote their brand to a regional demographic at their local courses.


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